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I needed a new racquet for the new USTA season. Carmine helped me pick out ones to demo. He is extremely knowledgeable about all of the racquets he sells. Same with strings. I will go back whenever I need new gear.


Carmine is a great guy. He is very approachable. He is very knowledgable and humble guy. You can always rely on Carmine for the stringing of your racquets. He has never been late on any string job I presented to him.


Hi Carmine,

This is Gene, you just did 3 racquets of mine. I played today and they all play identically. That tells me that my usual re-stringer doesn't have a machine with any consistency.

I like the strings, but I probably should have listened to you and gone down a bit in tension. Next time I bring them, we probably ought to try about 56lbs. They are very stiff, I need to generate all the power, but I like that...

Until next time, Thanks...


Carmine was a blessing in getting the perfect racket fit for me. I tried the demo program and found it extremely useful. Also since I live in Delaware, Carmine was accommodating with the time schedule. All in all, a great experience and one that every tennis player of any level should go through.


This was one of the best shopping experiences I've had in a very long time. Shopping at Tennis Essentials, you and your wife have restored my faith in customer service. Excellent! Your knowledge helped me buy a gift I knew nothing about. The respect and time you took with us was just incredible. Thank you so much. We are now new life long customers!! You should give a class to other merchants in the area on how treat people!!

Tina R.

Excellent tennis store with superb customer service. I shop for all my tennis needs at Tennis Essentials.

Ronald F.

Got a new racket and new shoes at Tennis Essentials. Carmine was so helpful and informative. Great guy with a great shop.

Jimmy H.

Carmine is so knowledgeable! Have purchased my racquets and equipment through Tennis Essentials. He is the best! His racquet stringing is AMAZING!!

Lisa T.

Hi Carmine, It is a pleasure to know you. Aantorik is totally enjoying your newly fixed grip and your stringing, as much as he is enjoying his Fila Outfit. Your service is as good as your fair price.

Debashis G.

Great prices, great customer service, and a great inventory!!! No need to buy over the internet when you have a great tennis shop like this nearby!

Dan R.

Carmine was so patient as I was looking for a new racquet and was concerned about my recent carpal tunnel surgery. He gave me many racquets to try and gave me advice on which may suit me best. I tried nine different racquets and he was absolutely right in his advice. He was open with great hours even for a working person that had to come 45 minutes to get to his shop. He ordered the racquet and called to explain that it would be one extra day and believe me I was not upset because I had taken so long to decide. The shop is in an unusual place but worth the trip. Service was excellent and Carmine was very knowledgeable! Thanks for a great racquet shopping experience. I was dreading it but it was actually enjoyable. See you soon Carmine for a re-stringing - promise!!

Joan M.

Carmine is a master stringer. My game improved immediately with his help. He is knowledgeable and carries an impressive number of the best brands! Grazie, Carmine!

Richard K.

Carmine, just wanted to say thank you for another incredible string job and for doing it so quick! The racket helped me win this evening, and it was my first time breaking the strings in! Just an amazing job as always! 🙂

Isabella D.

Very good customer service and very knowledgeable. I was not sure what I wanted to do with my tennis raquet if I wanted a new one or just use the one I currently have and I decided to Demo a few raquets and I decided to go for the Head Extreme. This was a great experience and with good feedback I feel I made the right decision.

I would highly recommend going here for all tennis needs. The prices are very reasonable and they have great customer service.


Excellent service!


Carmine not only offers professional tennis services, but also does so with such a great attitude and enthusiasm for the sport. Highly recommended for tennis players everywhere looking for great equipment and services.

Thomas C.

Tennis Essentials is the greatest tennis store I've ever been to. Carmine is a very friendly guy, and helped me pick out the best racket I've had to date, the new Head one. Carmine was awesome!!

Evan W.

Last week I stopped in to Tennis Essentials for the first time. I needed a re-string and a new pair of tennis sneakers. Carmine was fantastic. I haven't played in a while and Carmine helped pick out the right type of string for my game and also helped me find the best deal on the sneakers. I will definitely be back to Tennis Essentials. Thank you, Carmine!

Bob G.

The Head Speed MPs that you strung for me are a work of art. A weight has been lifted from my serves and my net game has increased exponentially in the past few weeks. Again, thank you for the beautiful work you have done.

Graham D.

Carmine provides top notch stringing, offers excellent suggestions, and has a great selection, all at very fair prices. He transformed a racquet that I was ready to give away into what feels like a completely different racquet. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious player, you will find a level of professionalism that you will not find elsewhere.

Brian K.

Fantastic service & has excellent knowledge about stringing, racquets & shoes.

Suzanne O.

If you haven't checked out Tennis Essentials yet, you must get your next stringing there.

I have had the pleasure of going to Tennis Essentials for the past few years until I moved out of the area. Carmine's service and knowledge of all things tennis/stringing are invaluable. If not for him, I don't think my tennis game would be as consistent as it is now. From understanding my game to addressing my elbow issues, Carmine's stringing suggestions were always precise and it translated on the court.

Bottom line is, Carmine takes the time to work with you and provide you with the right answers you need to keep your tennis game consistent and to your ability. When you go to Tennis Essentials you are getting a stringer who is professional, extremely knowledgeable, customer oriented, competitively priced and who cares. Even though I now live in Los Angles, I continue to call Carmine for his stringing expertise to properly prepare me for USTA tournaments. Thank you Tennis Essentials and keep up the great work!

Bryan T.

I love the new restringing you did, Babolat VS with Lux Fluro. Love the combination and love the tension.

Thank you very much for your help, you are the best 🙂

Das S.

Wow! what a huge difference in my racquets.
Carmine you are the best.

You amaze me with the consistency, care and quality of each and every time you string my racquets.

Thank you for everything!

Don D.

Hey Carmine,

The rackets are great you do an amazing job as usual. I will have to get rid of that other string I got for free the twisted prince its horrible to play with or maybe it just needs warming up but the other racket was great right with the first use.

Thank you so much Carmine,

Michael M.


The Asterik Tour string feels great-perfect tension, the grip is a welcome
change--much more secure. If only the feet would move as well...

Peter A.


So far I'm enjoying the Babolat Pure Drive that I recently bought from you. I feel like my overheads and serve felt more natural as soon as I started using it -- although I'm still having some trouble keeping my ground strokes from going out of bounds. I think it just needs some more getting used to.

I'll see you when it's time to for a restringing. Thanks again

John P.

After I’d been playing tennis for a few years I decided it was time for a new racquet. Carmine was so knowledgeable and patient during the whole process and helped me find a racquet that I love. Now I take it to him for stringing and get the same high quality every time. There’s also a great selection of shoes and clothing. Thank you Tennis Essentials and Carmine!

Stephanie H.

Trying to get back into tennis after a 10 year hiatus can be difficult… and finding good advice on a racquet that’s right for me and my game right now was easier said than done. I found Carmine to be extremely helpful, however, in narrowing down the options and getting me into some demos that ultimately yielded me finding the racquet that I wanted to buy. From there, he was equally invaluable in helping me narrow down what string type and tension was right for me, and getting everything ready for me to hit the courts. Carmine was also very accommodating with me and the fact that I live far enough away from Berwyn, PA that getting to his shop was difficult. Not only was he excellent at working with me over the phone and accommodating me in that regard, but when I ultimately went to make the purchase of a couple racquets from him, I found his prices worth the trip – as they were more competitive than anything I could find on any tennis website or other tennis equipment store in the area. I’ve become a big fan of Tennis Essentials!

Justin C.

Carmine is heartily recommended! He carries all the major brands and you'll get the same stringing as the pros. Great service, too.

Matt F.

Very friendly and nice. Good luck in your new location!

James H.

I love tennis essentials!!!!!!